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Lots of people are asking me about singing tips so here’s the first. “Did you know that tension in your shoulders, neck and jaw can seriously hamper your ability to sing freely and reach those high notes.Resist the temptation to pull your chin up to reach the high notes instead bring your chin comfortably down and yawn to release tension” Hope this helps

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In rehearsals for the Autumn. Still putting the finishing touches to the tracks. Watch out for the new videos coming up to support the EP Still pondering over a title.

People ask me about the different looks and costumes …well my music tells stories of iconic women from the past that we have all heard about and they look different so I reflect this. You’d have to listen to the lyrics to fully discover who I’m specifically talking about but I hope to reveal something new and interesting about their lives as the songs unfold.

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Pouring over my lyrics in a Costa Coffee Cafe in Andalusia before rehearsals for another showcase. Can't wait! .

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You may have noticed I'm in love with Kaftans and I'm thinking of starting my own clothing line inspired by the unusual dresses I buy and the places I travel to and people I meet. My Grand Mother had a dress making shop in Kampala. Maybe it’s in the genes especially as I made all my early stage clothes adapting Vogue patterns with my mother who taught me to finish which I was never very good at. I would never dress my Cindy in the clothes you could buy Oh No! I always had to modify and change things, lengthening hems embellishing collars even choosing different fabrics. It was fun and it kept me out of trouble! .

lola may dolce news

Lola May is now focussing on her next EP arranging the songs, doing some research and drafting some lyrics. Here she is after a song writing session in her basement studio. “It’s hard work but I love it. The smallest of things can be an inspiration. A word, a string line, a piano motif even the colours in the sky or a distant memory that floats into my imagination for a moment. I believe creativity is at the heart of all of us, we just need to find our own unique form of expression" .

lola may dolce

Relaxing after a photo shoot near Carla Saint Vincent Lola May is planning events and a possiblelive performance radio tour as part of her celebrations of the World Shakespeare Congress in the UK

Nestled off a tiny beach in Ibiza where the island’s drummers congregate at sundown Lola May has shot another video by a rocky outcrop near a weathered sun bleached fisherman's beach house.

lola may dolce news

lola may dolce news

A new exciting video has been shot in Marbella where a mysterious fog descended to cast a luna effect… watch this space

On a second visit to Hertford Castle Lola May visits the gardens and has been invited to return to next years festival to perform.

lola may dolce news

lola may dolce news

At last Lola May got to visit Shuttleworth College to see for herself the  historic local cooking pear that is mentioned by the Clown in Shakespeare's The Winter’s Tale.

First cultivated by monks at the Cistercian Abbey  around the 13th century pies made from the pear were extremely popular in the Tudor period.

There are now believed to be just five trees producing the fruit left in the area, and staff and students  are trying to propagate new trees through grafting.


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Had a fabulous time at the Rock at the Castle event. It was great to see so many families enjoying the sun. Thanks for being such a responsive audience.

bbc three counties radio

Can’t wait to meet Nick on his afternoon show where we could be discussing everything from the Warden pear cooked in a pie and mentioned in A winter’s Tale to my performance on Sunday the 2nd of August at the
Rock at the Castle event in Hertford. Better get practicing my scales!

lola may dolce tiverton balloon festival

Lola May Dolce soundcheck at Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival on the Origin stage at 4.25 on Friday 10th

bbc radio devon

9th of July
It was a delight to be on BBC Radio Devon’s Vic Morgan’s show where we touched on everything from writing songs about Shakespearean heroines to visiting Rougemont Castle.
What an interesting eclectic show! Thank you. Local Radio at it’s best!

bbc radio northampton

26th of June
A huge thank you to BBC Radio Northampton and Bernie Keith for a fabulous interview about my background and the struggles of my single mother’s
thwarted ambitions to be an opera singer. We also plugged up coming World Shakespeare Congress next year. A lot of fun! and it was great to meet
Bernie's little furry friend.

lola may dolce rougemont

July - Lola May visits Rougemont Castle in Exeter mentioned in Shakespeare's Richard 3rd


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Hi everyone
Had huge fun performing at the Togfest festival on June 27th.....Onward and Upward!

Lola May has spent a busy summer. Check out what she's been up to below

Lola May shoots her latest video at
Castillo de Colomares Spain

lola may dolce benalmadena

Lola May sings for the crowds at the Alhambra
palace in Granada

lola may dolce granada 2

Lola May sings in the Cova de Can Marca a natural underground cathedral and later in the summer visited St Michael's cave in Gibraltar as a potential concert venue

lola may dolce mallorca

Photoshoot at son Marroig (Deia Mallorca)

lola may dolce mallorca 2

Lola May dances at the entrance of the Ibiza town Medieval festival where she bought ancient herbs and spices, rode a camel and supped a 12 century brew concocted by monks

lola may dolce ibiza

Flower Power - Lola May chills out at the world famous Las Dalias

lola may dolce ibiza2


26 - 04 - 14 Thank you to everyone who had a go at the competition.

All the best...Lola


Saturday the 26th of April - Lola May was in the studio with Den Siegertsz on his morning show."Great to laugh so much in an interview, thank you Den".


Competition closing date extended to
Friday 25th April !!!

Wednesday the 23rd of April - Lola May was in the studio with John 'Gilly' Gillmore on his afternoon show."Great to see you again John, all the best with the show".


Wednesday the 23rd of April - Lola May Dolce photoshoot at Samlesbury Hall

lola may dolce

Poulton Le Fylde competition details ...only 2 days
left to enter!!

Wednesday 16th of April at Southwark Cathedral memorial Nice to meet you Billy!

lola may dolce shakespeare

bbc radio stoke

Lola May
to be interviewed and will announce competition winner on the Denholm Siegertsz show on 26th April 10 - 11 AM

Monday the 14th of April - Lola May was in the studio with James Cannon on his breakfast show."Had a great time,thank you so much James".

lola may dolce bbc radio surrey

bbc radio suffolk

Lola May
will be doing a live telephone interview with Lesley Dolphin on the 15th April

Thursday 17th of April at Bankside - Ship Ahoy!

lola may dolce bankside

bbc radio lancashire

Lola May
will be interviewed live on John Gillmore's show from 1 PM on the 23rd of April - Shakespeare's birthday

Tuesday 15th of April - Dancing in the Hampton Court Palace gardens. What a delight!

lola may dolce hampton court

bbc radio surrey

Lola May
live interview on the James Cannon show on the 14th of April at 7:45 AM

Wednesday 15th of April - A different kind of worship!

lola may dolce church


Lola May
becomes a partner with
Shakespeare week

lola may dolce

news article...

tina turner

Russ is thrilled that singing legend Tina Turner has yet again chosen to feature his song "Whatever you need", co-written with Harriet Roberts, on her 2014 February release "Love Songs". "Love Songs" is a worldwide release and already a top seller in Ireland, Switzerland and Poland.

tina turner

"Whatever you need" has now been included on 6 of Tina's album releases 24/7, All the Best, The Platinum Collection, a live DVD called Celebrate, Love Songs and now on a new Blu-Ray disc, released March 2014 that features One Last Time (Live at Wembley Stadium) and Celebrate.

lola may dolce

Lola May Dolce's EP release date confirmed 23rd of April with a radio's tour to follow. Please see video below for details.

The very best engineers were chosen to mix the Lola May Dolce tracks.

"Your Love"

... mixed by Pete Craigie (Delta Goodrum, Take That, Jamelia, Liberty X, Simply Red with percussion by Tim Laws)


... mixed by Yoad from Nevo Sound (Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Moby, Bond)

"Sail Away"

... mixed by in-house engineer Patrick Phillips at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio


... mixed by Jess Bailey (Spandau Ballet, Randy Crawford, Film and TV music)

Promotional Press and Media Campaign under way

competition flyers sent out to over 100 UK Secondary Schools and libraries

50 promotional C.Ds sent out to music magazines, radio and
on line review critics

10 local interest press releases to on-line and print
newspapers across Lancashire, Warwickshire, London, Hampshire, Essex, East Molesey, Suffolk and Merseyside

National Radio tour - guest appearances
during release week

Live performances yet to be announced with interest from Festivals across the UK